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17 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh

Pascalia Asia VietnamCompany name
51-150Company size
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2 yearsExperienced level
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What are you doing

The Pascalia Group is an IT company with offices in Tokyo, Tsukuba, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong and Da Nang.

We are in charge of a wide range of businesses such as Client work business, IT / Consulting business, Infrastructure business, Data Analysis business, In-house web service business, and Offshore Development business in a wide variety of industries.

Pascalia is celebrating its 33rd year in business, which is said to be a long-established store in Japan IT industry, and has a corporate culture that emphasizes corporate culture and humanity rather than following only profits and productivity.

From the French philosopher, who is Pascal's word "human beings are reeds to think", which is also the origin of the company name Pascalia, "a place for learning and growth" is more important corporate culture.

The organization has strong unity, such as recruiting new graduates, which has been continuing since the company was founded on 1988, and a culture of mutual support has been established, such as reviewing programming with Vietnamese people. It is a strength.

Pascalia Asia Japan and Pascalia Asia Vietnam are a growing global startup with sales of 3 million USD in less than 5 years.

We are a small group of elite people who utilize their individual abilities, and our strength is our technical ability to provide consistent services such as "Development to Operation" and "Upper phase to Lower phase", with a focus on direct contracts with end users unlike a subcontractor.

We offer a wide range of free career paths that are not tied to limited domain knowledge or technology.

We are also focusing on skill development, and we provide a wide range of support from inside and outside the company, such as a mentor support system by engineer specialists, Filipino English conversation training, and career counseling.

By dividing each career path into multiple types, we clarify the direction that employees are aiming for, and align their awareness with engineers through "places of learning and growth" and "coaching" that support them.

Here are some examples of career paths and types.

◆ "Engineer Specialist" This model is suitable for specialists who are drawing a career path specializing in technology.

・ F type: Join as an engineering manager for difficult development projects such as renewal and SaaS. Responsible for a wide range of work from basic design and code review to engineer team management.

・ T type: Leads the renewal of a famous service that has transactions with annual sales of several hundred million yen. Responsible for a wide range of technical research, verification, proposals, and implementation, such as server less architecture design and cooperation with other systems.

In addition, the Pascalia Group has set the purpose of existence to create new value in society.

Our strength is to work on new businesses in a stable environment, such as infrastructure business using spacon, financial data analysis, hybrid model by global development team, AI research and development, development and operation project of new WEB business.

We have also introduced coaching by outside experts to eliminate the psychological anxiety of employees and try to get excited every morning to work.

[Example of In-house service]


Cashback service for Vietnamese market.

E-commerce transactions are increasing in Vietnam, aiming for 10 million users.

Pascaria Asia

Yêu cầu

Technical Requirements:

  1. Must-have skills
  • At least 2 years of experience developing websites using PHP, VueJS, MySQL.

  • Advanced in developing Laravel or CakePHP or any PHP framework.

  • Experience in developing RESTful API or GraphQL.

  • Deep knowledge about OOP, MVC patterns.

  • Experience in working on Git flow

  • Experience in Docker or Vagrant

  1. Nice-to-have skills
  • Experience in Code refactor is big plus

  • Experience in debugging existing code and strong code reviewing capabilities.

  • Testing: experience in unit test, functional test, automation test (integration test is a plus)

General Requirements:

  1. Technical mindset
  • You can handle numbers such as data analysis

  • You can always catch up the latest technological trends and incorporate them into yourself.

  • You can get a wide view of things in terms of structure

  • People who like to move their hands and output by themselves

  • A person who feels doubts about the current situation and can found the issue out what it should be (critical thinking)

  1. Human nature
  • You can understand things positively

  • You can honestly tell the other person what you are thinking without two faced

  • You can relax the place and reassure the members around you

  • You can ask what you don't understand, and genuinely and humbly related with people.

  • Has the strength to express opinions frankly (but does not hurt the other party excessively)

  1. Growth potential
  • You like to think about new things and mechanisms

  • You can be persistent in dealing with difficult situations for results

  • You can work with others toward your goals and get involved (need to be considerate and considerate of others)

  • You can learn from others without overconfidence in your skills

  • Thoughtful but not too obsessive, it can be evolved in discussions with others

  1. Career oriented
  • You can create your own value while cooperating with others in various environments

  • You can feel the significance of existence by creating new value in society.

  • Considering the role of the team and the skills of the members, you can find the shortage and take the initiative to deal with it.

  • I am delighted to improve my technical skills and acquire knowledge

  • You can connect what you want to do with your contribution to society

Thông tin khác


- Salary: 1500 ~ 3500$ include the bonus(12 divisions of annual income)

- 3 times Bonus per year: Spring, Summer and Winter.

In 2020 Winter bonus is more 1,000,000,000VND divided into around 19 staffs

  • More holiday: Vietnamese holiday + Goldenweek(May), Obon(Aug), Yearend(Dec/Jan)

  • Company Trip: Go abroad/domestic (2 times Thailand, 1 time Malaysia, 1 time Vietnam)

  • Free lunch

  • Annual health check

  • 100% salary in probation period

  • Possible to remote working

  • Training: IT seminar/training, English Lesson

Why you'll love working here:

  • Finding any opportunities in PAV such as setting up a joint venture for a new business with you.

  • Challenging a lot of new things such as AI, Kubernetes, Cloud and blockchain in technologies perspective and Upper phase, Data Scientist, Manager of the branches in business perspective.

  • The business domain is not only B2B but also B2C

  • Global business such as Japan, Vietnam so far and planning to set up in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Laos after Corona as a new business.

  • Sri Lanka is specialized for AI researcher/Data Scientist and Laos(Lower Phase) is for application with Vietnam(Upper Phase).

  • Revoluting Japanese IT industry to remove the margin among the contractors in order to cooperate with global resources in Asia as well as a small software house in Japan like Pascalia(Kanda Valley)..

  • Making a platform of hybrid development and showing it on the media in order to match the resources of SEA.

  • Becoming a member of 100% independent company (not child company of Japan) so that there is no Japanese manager(Only Vietnamese managers)

  • Working with end users (all our clients are end users, not subcontractors) and experienced Japanese and Vietnamese developers so that it is more controllable.

  • Finding an opportunity to work with the government of Vietnam, Laos and so on in ICT projects.

  • Working with thousands of motivations in an environment where you can stay at the company house, and enjoy a lot of foods

  • Joining many activities like team building, monthly company party, company trip, etc

Mission : Altruistic spirit & make everyone happy

Sharing the profit as well as the company stock

Investing in a place of learning and growth

Nơi làm việc

  • 17 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh
Chú ý: Toàn bộ thông tin đăng tải thuộc quyền sở hữu của Pascalia Asia Vietnam. Chúng tôi chỉ đang cố gắng đưa thông tin nhanh nhất và chính xác nhất tới các bạn. Trường hợp phát hiện có nội dung không chính xác, các bạn có thể thông báo bằng cách liên lạc với chúng tôi qua cửa sổ liên lạc phía dưới-góc phải màn hình.

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